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  • Which programs are offered?
    • ​Faculty-led programs
      • Journeys
      • Global Study Tours
    • ​​Independent Study Abroad programs
    • Global Internships
  • Who is eligible to study abroad?
    • ​GPA: To be approved to study abroad, ASC requires a minimum GPA of 2.0 for all programs. However, most independent programs require GPAs that range from 2.5 to 3.0.
    • ​​Students must have completed 24 credits hours at ASC prior to their participation in a study abroad program. 
    • Students must be in good academic status the term they study abroad
  • Is language proficiency required to participate in the programs?
Students can choose programs where the language of instruction is English or in a foreign language.  Please note that there are also programs offered in English in non-English speaking countries.  
For programs offered in a foreign language, there are usually options for beginners and for more advanced levels. Usually student must have successfully completed at least four college semesters or equivalent to take courses in a foreign language. Students will have to provide a language proficiency form.
  • Where do I submit my passport to/ how do I submit my passport?
Once you have a scanned image of your passport, login to Carta and find the program you need to submit your passport for. Upload the scanned image to that page. 
Note: For Journeys and Faculty-Led programs, passport submissions are not required until placement. 
  • How much do the programs cost?
Affiliated programs (Fall/Semester/Academic Year): You will pay your regular tuition, on-campus shared room, and 21-meal fees to ASC; and you will receive those benefits from the host institution.  Your financial aid package will apply.  Therefore, these costs are not different from a semester or academic year at ASC.  Also, the study abroad health insurance is paid by ASC.  

In addition, students will have to plan for costs of program application fees, housing deposit, travel, books, personal expenses, passport and, if necessary, a visa. Please note that applying for a visa might require travel to where the host country embassy or consulate is located.
ISEP only: Application fee is $100 and placement fee is $395.
  • Am I eligible for financial aid to participate in these programs?
Yes, as long as you participate in an ASC-Affiliated program.   Please visit the office of Financial Aid to find out if additional expenses for study abroad may be figured into the overall “cost of education” for financial aid purposes. 
If you participate in an non-affiliated program, you will only be eligible for federal financial aid and some other non-institutional financial aid that you might be eligible for.
  • Will grades I earn during study abroad affect my grade point average (GPA)?
The grades you earn abroad will be reflected on your transcript but they will not be computed in your ASC grade point average. However, keep in mind that some graduate schools will recalculate your GPA to include your study abroad grades.  Also, if you are a resident of Georgia, the state will include your study abroad grades to determine your state aid eligibility. 
  • Where do I stay while studying at the host institution?
Either in a university dormitory, shared student apartment, or with a host family selected by the host institution.
  • What if I study abroad through a non-affiliated program?
If you participate in a non-affiliated program, you will pay ASC a $500 non-affiliated study abroad administrative fee. All other fees will have to be paid to the program provider directly.  Your credits from study abroad will transfer to ASC as transient credits.
  • Is there a minimum GPA requirement?
ASC requires a 2.0 GPA to study abroad. However, many of the ASC affiliated programs require a 2.75 GPA.  
  • What travel documents do I need?
  • Passport
  • You might also need a visa allowing you to enter your host country and immunization certificate.
  • Do I need immunizations or vaccines? Will my insurance cover me while abroad?
You might need immunizations depending on your destination. For more info on vaccinations required for your location of choice, visit  
All study abroad participants are required to enroll in a travel health insurance plan.